What is Nutrient Infusion?

Nutrient Infusion happens when you pulverize fruit and vegetables, skins, seeds and nuts to mine vital nutrients, and unleash essential vitamins and minerals from your everyday food.

When you break down the cell walls of your food, you make nutrients more readily available for absorption and infusion into your body.

With Nutrient Infusion you can make the most delicious, potent, nutrient-packed superfoods you have ever tasted.

You retain 100% of the fibre, vitamins and minerals, ready to be infused into your blood stream to build strong bones, healthy organs and vigorous cells, and naturally power your body and mind.

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Why are Nutrient Infusions so healthy?

You are what you eat - and what you eat has a dramatic impact on how your body performs, your wellness, and even your mood.

If you up your intake of fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts, it has been clinically proven to lower your risk of a raft of health problems, including cancer and cardio-vascular disease.

The NUTRiINFUSION BioAge Challenge


BioAge Assessment

The BioAge assessment is an extensive health review that allows you to compare your chronological age with your biological age.

For example - if are you 37 but have a poor diet, bad habits and lack of exercise, this means you could have the biological body of a 42-year-old.



Real BioAge Results

We took 20 adults of various ages and backgrounds, measured their existing BioAges, and put them on the NUTRiINFUSION 90-Day BioAge Challenge, which included an exercise regime, dietary changes and just one NUTRiINFUSION a day.

What happened to these people will astound you.



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    The original super powerful 700 pulverizes fruit, vegetables, skins and seeds for healthy infusions everyday.

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    A counter-top pocket rocket - mix, whip, chop, grind and blend with ease. Ideal for cocktails, desserts and dips

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    Learn how to infuse your way to better health with nutrition-packed delicious recipes.

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