Turns ordinary food into Superfood in just seconds.

The powerful 700 watt motor turns the specially-designed Vortex Infusion blades at a huge 20,000 rpm.

Pulverizing fruit, vegetables, skins, seeds and nuts to unleash vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals from everyday food while keeping much-needed fibre essential for your good health.

A single NUTRiINFUSION a day can make all the difference - make the change today. 

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Great for - infusing fruits, vegetables, skins and seeds in an instant.

Vortex Infusion blades - specially designed to infuse foods at a huge 20,000 rpm.

More power, much cooler - crushes ice in seconds for super cool refreshing infusions.

Smoothest results - ban the lumps forever! NUTRiINFUSION was voted as giving the smoothest results in the Current Affairs review on Channel9.

Clean-up is a breeze - just rinse the cups under a tap and you're done!


Each NUTRiINFUSION 700 set includes:

  • 1 base unit
  • 1 grinding blade
  • 1 Infusion blade
  • 3 large cups
  • 2 small cups
  • 2 cup rings
  • 1 travel lid
  • 1 shaker lid
  • 3 solid lids

Regular blenders just don't cut it

Better than juicing...

More than blending...

It's Nutrient Infusion



Vortex Blades for maximum goodness

The cutting edge Vortex Infusion blades tackle fruit, vegetables, skins and seeds - leaving you with smooth, healthy infusions every time.

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I feel like I have been given a new life....yeah I feel like a new person - it's fantastic!

It's just such a convenient way of getting good food into my body - and my children's bodies.

This is the best thing that has happened to me, in years.

Superfood Recipe Inspiration

  • mango Tango.jpg

    Mango Tango

    Packed full of carotenoids, flavonoids and glucosinolates - known for their cancer prevention qualities.

  • Liver lover.jpg

    Liver Lover

    A fruity infusion for the ultimate cleanse and to boost the production of detoxification enzymes.

  • joint support.jpg (1)

    Joint Support

    A Beetroot and Cucumber blitz to boost your Oxalic Acid & Silica intake known for muscolo-skeletal benefits.

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