The Ultimate Recipe Book

Packed with 60 Healing Recipes

Recipes that could help with pain, arthritis, heart conditions, depression, digestive illness, cancer and more...

Your body will thank you for it

Learn how to avoid nasty, processed, packaged foods and replace them with fresh, raw, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains.

Making the change is easy!

To help you make this change, this new book includes 60 healing recipes that could help you with specific conditions such as arthritis, stress, heart complaints, digestive disorders and much more.

Recipe of the Month

Nature Nectar

With their generous water content, the combination of juicy watermelon, tangy nectarines and celery makes this infusion extremely refreshing and great for hydration!

2 nectarines

1 cup watermelon

1/2 stalk celery

1 tsp goji berries

1/4 capsicum

1 cup water


Forget sugar laden energy drinks! Keep it natural with this delicious jolt of pure energizing juice. Even better, it has the added benefits of chia seeds!

1 cup mango

2 cups kale

1/4 lemon - peeled

1 orange peeled

1/2 broccoli

1 tsp chia seeds

1 cup water



    The original super powerful 700 pulverizes fruit, vegetables, skins and seeds for healthy infusions everyday.


    A counter-top pocket rocket - mix, whip, chop, grind and blend with ease. Ideal for cocktails, desserts and dips.

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